Interview by Archbrick

April 3, 2018

Aukbricks is an up and coming LEGO architecture builder. Their work includes many Swedish buildings, as well as contemporary works. This is ArchBrick’s second conversation style interview and eighth overall. You can checkout Aukbrick’s Flickr account here.

Aukbricks, thanks for taking part in the ArchBrick interview. It’s seems you have a passion for LEGO architecture. Could you tell us how you got started building with LEGO?

“As many other LEGO builders I started to build LEGO as a child. I remember the endless possibilities with the bricks and I could build for hours. I didn’t have many sets, but lots of bricks, as a child but my favorite was the Cosmic Fleet Voyager (6985) that I got for my 10th birthday. However I stopped building with LEGO as a teenager and I experienced the dark age until my son was born. He got his first Duplo set at his first birthday and a couple of years later his first LEGO set. Of course, I started building with him but then, about three years ago, I bought the Family House (31012) for myself and after that I just continued. Today LEGO is a big part of me and my family’s life.”

I can see how the Family House (31012) led you to design LEGO architecture models. Why did you purchase this set as opposed to others?

“I have always had an interest in architecture. As a kid I even wanted to become an architect. I was told by a friend that the Creator sets were good sets to begin with if you didn’t have any LEGO, as they have lots of good bricks that could be used in different builds. So I found the Family House and I really liked the contemporary design, and also that it was a 3-in-1 set. But actually, it wasn’t until about a year later, when LEGO released their Architecture Skyline collection that I tried to build my first own building. It was a microscale church that later became part of a skyline of my hometown.”

So your first models were built in microscale, however recently you have been designing a lot more in Minifig scale. What do you find easy and challenging in designing in both scales?

“Both microscale and Minifig scale definitely offer interesting challenges. I like to recreate existing buildings in LEGO. To do so in microscale I think one of the hardest challenges is to stay true to the original building ,and to find bricks that capture the shape, structure and colors. You have to simplify but you don’t want simplify too much. Often I end up with a build using lots of SNOT and offset techniques and it makes it difficult to make the building sturdy. In Minifig scale you definitely have more options regarding recreating shape and structure. However, I find it hard to create an interesting inside of the house. Both interiors and staircases are hard to fit in that relatively small space you have when building in a larger scale, such as a modular house. I think it can also be challenging in Minifig scale to keep the brick count down. But since I do lots of digital builds at least that is not too often a problem.”

One of your most popular digital builds is the Brick Wall House. Could you describe how and why you designed this model?

“First of all, I’m so grateful for how well the Brick Wall House was received. I had for a while tried out lots of different building techniques for the construction of walls and also how they would look rendered. Most of my projects actually start in the computer using LEGO Digital Designer and just a few of them are built using real bricks, therefore I sometimes do rendering tests. The technique that I finally selected inspired me to the contemporary design of the house but I also wanted to add some wood and lots of glass. The bricks in the walls are quite large and therefore the model had to be large, even larger than Minifig scale. Even though the back of the house is not really complete it is still about 20,000 bricks.”

What can we expect next from you? Do you have any plans for more large scale models?

“Last couple of weeks I have focused on some modular buildings for the BriXtar Modular Building Challenge. I have tried to recreate two buildings from the Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden and the Town Hall of Uppsala, Sweden, but also one more contemporary building in Tokyo, Japan. I always look for inspiration and recently I found an interesting contemporary villa that I would love to recreate as a large scale model. I also have some microscale models waiting to get finished and published. Besides the architecture projects I have some plans to continue building more versions of my LEGO Ideas project Brick Build Minifigure.”

Any closing thoughts you would like our readers to know?

“I hope that I can inspire to build more architecture, but also to try more digital builds. It is a great feeling to have an unlimited number of bricks! And if interested, please follow me on Flickr, Instagram, BriXtar or LEGO Ideas for new builds, just search for Aukbricks. And thank you ArchBrick for doing this interview!”

You can check out Aukbricks’ Flickr account here.